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Services of Patent Communications
Three Services for Inventions and Patents.

We are Patent Communications. A group of experts in the fields of invention and patents, with an extensive network of partners who we put to work for you:

. Manufacturing companies
. Sales companies
. Universities
. Lawyers
. Patent attorneys

Our network lets us offer you patent appraisal services that assign real-world value to your inventions. We offer a fresh approach and expert strategic planning. Our team of lawyers and patent attorneys will help you secure your patent. Everything from application to registration to legal defense.

Whether you want to mine value from your current patents, create innovative products based on the patents of others, or just have a new idea you think is valuable intellectual property, we have services designed to help.

1... Licensing : Patents available for licensing
We have an inventory of patents available for license. You can license these patents to use in new 
products or to leverage business opportunities.

2... Sales : Patent appraisal and purchase
We appraise and acquire patents. Get the maximum value for your intellectual assets.

3... Consulting : Comprehensive advice about patents
We can guide you through the often confusing patent process. Documentation, registration, 
marketing, and risk hedging. Ask us anything you want to know about patents.

Patent Communications is an affiliate of Tech Corporation. We handle Tech Corporation's patents, intellectual property management, and strategic businesses. We have created a solid record of success that we will put to work for you and your ideas.

How to Talk to Us
1... Meet at our offices. 2... Meet at your offices. 3... Meet via video conference.