Appraisal and Purchasing

Appraisal and Purchasing We Bring Your Patent to Life.

You want the maximum value out of your patent.
Win! by working with us. Our appraisal and purchasing system works for you.

Every patent has value.
But no matter how ingenious the invention or how airtight your patent rights may be, without a product in the market, your patent is only a piece of paper. Don't let your stroke of genius go to waste, buried in a patent agency filing cabinet or in a frame on your office wall. The market deserves to benefit from your work.
Without real-world results, everyone loses:

1...Patent owners who want to see their patents in practical use.
      2...Companies that want to develop winning patent-protected products.
      3...Consumers who want the best, most innovative products.

Don't forget that winning a patent is only the beginning. There are costs for maintenance, upkeep, legal defense, and more. If a patent doesn't pay for itself in real profits, then you could end up losing real money. On the other hand, you could sell us your patent, and avoid the risk.

You can sell your patent to us in a number of different ways:

. Transfer ownership
. Sell license rights (non-exclusive or exclusive)

We have an extensive network of experts in production companies, sales companies, university research labs and other institutions, lawyers, and patent attorneys throughout Japan. This network will work for you to properly appraise the value of a patent you wish to sell.