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Announcing Patent Communications Co., Ltd.

Patent Communications Co., Ltd. (Tokyo; Yoshinori Nakamoto, president) officially began operations today, August 28, 2012. The new company will offer services related to patent and trademark filings and rights licensing in Japan and internationally.

Patent Communications helps small businesses transfer patent rights to other businesses. The company has established an extensive network of lawyers and patent attorneys, and will offer services related to patent sales, licensing, administration, and marketing. Other services include general consulting on strategy and business. The goal of Patent Communications is to promote the effective use of patent rights, helping patent holders find partners to manufacture and sell products based on their inventions. Creating a liquid market for patent rights will support the growth of small- and mid-sized companies in Japan and around the world.

Patent Communications has been funded by Tech Corporation, Hiroshima (Yoshinori Nakamoto, president) as well as Tech Corporation officers and other individual investors. Officers of the new company include Tech Corporation technology officers, as well as Professor Masato Nomura, professor of engineering at Kinki University and Tech Corporation consultant.