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Utilization of microbial

In nature, we find a variety of microbes that possess a variety of specialized functions. We have spent many years of research into these functions as they relate to the cycle of resources in our environment. From our work, we have suggested ways that these microbes can be used to benefit mankind

For example, soil-borne microbes work on a variety of functional substances within living organisms, promoting breakdown reactions under natural conditions. During metabolization, the low amount of energy produced and its gentle dissolution tend to reduce the production of ammonia, methane gas, and hydrogen sulfide. In effect, these microbes are tiny soil-borne biochemical factories.

I am constantly thinking about ways that the functions of these microbes could be used in environmental apparatus applications in the environmental cycle. I was fortunate enough to meet a company that wanted to commercialize my research. Our partnership eventually led to a product called "Biotech Yunosa", which is a bio material used in organics decomposition.
"Biotech Yunosa" is a special culture extracted from microbes present in natural soil. Just as the microbes eat dead leaves, they can also efficiently break down kitchen garbage and other organics, which makes these microbes both human- and eco-friendly.

When researchers and business people work together, they can bring new, innovative products to the market. The result is a benefit to society, which, as a researcher, pleases me to no end.

Masato Nomura, Doctor of Engineering

Masato Nomura,
Doctor of Engineering


March 1976
Master's Degree, Graduate School of Engineering, Kinki Universtiy
March 1977
Kinki University, Assistant, Lecturer, Assistant Professor
August 1989
Doctoral research, University of California, Berkeley
October 1996
Doctor of Engineering, Kinki University (Chair, Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry, Chair/
Dean of Graduate School of Engineering, Kinki University)
October 2012
Assistant Director, Kinki University Department of Engineering