Patents Available for Licensing  A patent is a valuable business asset.

A patent is only as valuable as the products or services that result. And Patent Communications is all about results.
We own and license numerous patents, one (or several) of which may be just what you need to drive strategic growth in your market.

Patents can be a vital strategic asset for your business to claim a competitive edge on your competition. Companies compete ruthlessly to secure as many patents as possible, and rightly so. But, there are all kinds of hidden traps waiting for inventors--both individuals and corporations--who attempt to navigate the patent process on their own.

Hidden Traps in the Patent Process
1...You get to the market too late to create the right product at the right time.
     2...Development time expands exponentially as the technology becomes more complex.
     3...Years of time and thousands (if not millions) of development funds wasted without a profitable product to show for your work.
     4...Nasty legal action if you happen to infringe on patents owned by others. 
     5...Enormous research and development costs.
     6...Already scarce management resources that must be allocated to a formal in-house research and development department.
We are Here to Help Your Business Win in Your Market
Patent Communications owns and manages a large number of patents that can lead directly to products and services for your company. License our patents, and forget about risk. Focus on your reward.

We license patents that we own outright, as well as patents for which we have secured the licensing rights. We can find a patent that will work for you.

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  • Patent purchases, sales, and licensing contracts are conducted directly with our representatives at the Patent Communications head office.
    We will clearly show all appraisal fees before any contract is required.
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  • If it's not convenient for you to meet at our offices, we'll be happy to go to your location, or work with you online.