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Helping seeds of innovation become works of craftsmanship.

I believe that Japan has been, and always will be, a global leader in technological innovation. The Japanese have an innate curiosity about things, leading to numerous inventions and technologies that improve our world. While globalism continues to level out the rest of the world, Japan continues its own unique evolution. It's this uniqueness that I believe serves as the fountain of creative activity and energy in our country.

But, we know there is a gap between the needs of the global market and the seeds of technology developed in Japan. It is the divided between actual products in the market and ideas on paper. This can lead to an increasing risk that major companies look only inward, focusing investment on internal technological development and production.

As I look out over the landscape of small business, I see companies that do more than their share of the heavy lifting in support of Japan's technological growth. I see companies and research labs that are so skilled in basic research--the seeds of invention. I also see companies that are so skilled in bringing fresh ideas to the market as new products. Believe me when I say that there is no shortage of either type of organization in Japan.

Patent Communications bridges the gap between the idea creators and the product creators. We help the seeds of innovation become works of craftsmanship that generate excitement and energy in Japan.

CEO Yoshinori Nakamoto